Tracking my DEFI earnings (and why I’m not too bothered about Impermanent loss in some of the pools)

16 days ago
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Part of my brain just doesn’t want to know what return I’m making on my DEFI stake compared to what I would have made had I just held the ETH / LTC / HIVE/ LEO/ BAT (small amounts of the later three) I’ve used to fund my purchases of BNB/ CAKE/ AUTO.

I’m a bit less reticent about tracking my returns from staking into the Rune Pool with LTC/ AVA/ RUNE/ BAT/ USDT - I deliberately used some USDT to buy Rune and pool asymmetrically and partially did the same with BAT, swapping some in, which should cover any Rune loss I make from the LTC pool, and with AVA and RUNE, I don’t mind which of those I end up with more of.

And I’m very happy to know the return I get over the coming months on the stablecoin I’ve staked to pools - that was getting cashed out anyway, so any return on what is basically FIAT in waiting and just parked is a bonus.

Whether I’m happy or not knowing, I still HAVE to know!

And thankfully there are two very useful tools which make tracking my returns easy….

  • Yieldwatch for the auto and cake pools (thanks to @dalz for the link) - you paste your Bsc address to access yer data.
  • RuneSwapInfo for the BEP Pools - you simply follow a link from your wallet on the site.

Both of these tell me about yields/ fees earned and impermanent losses, which makes my life VERY easy - for example RuneSwapInfo tells you this for every pool (the interface is beautiful!)

Screenshot 20210217 at 20.41.05.png

(Not my own data!)

I’m not worried about impermanent losses on WNB, Cake of Auto, as I bought these purely for the speculation on high returns, and I didn’t really buy huge amounts of them, they were never coins I was going to hold for the sake of holding, and TBH they all seem to be increasing anyways.

I’m actually more interested in impermanent loss (or gain) compared to the ETH/ LTC I swapped in to buy these crazy Defi tokens!

So to work out my ‘GENUINE’ gains at whatever period of time I will need to calculate my returns in each pool and then factor in the relative gains from the average value of the coins I used to buy-in.

Oh and I’ll need to do some addition of all of my pool returns to work out my overall returns of course!

I will also need to factor in the transaction fees on BSC - these aren't too monstrous compared to ETH, but at 20 to 30 cents for a transfer and I think it's up to $2 to stake to a vault or a pool these can mount up, and MUST be factored in.

I've been harvesting and cashing out quite regularly recently as the prices have been pumping, and it's all quite new and exciting, but I'm going to start doing this less often from now on, to keep the fees down.

TBH Now that I’ve spent so long getting my head around DEFI options, the thing to do now is to leave it all alone for a week (bar harvesting) before I look at my returns (or losses?!?).

I just need to give this a bit of time and get back to getting my eight hours of sleep a night!

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