Waking Up Wired: On remembering that there's more to life than crypto!

15 days ago
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It may not seem like it when practically everything in this crazy crypto land is looking positive, but there is more to life than crypto!

In fact I might even go so far as to say that if all you have in life is crypto, then that life might qualify as being just a little shallow.

And it might even be the case that too long spent deep-diving into crypto land can result in a reduced quality of life.

In fact I'd say I've experienced the later over the last week - with my dive into the murky waters of Defi - it took a lot of mental energy, often late at nigh, as the compulsion to explore more options overcame me.

THere's a lot to research when it comes to rewards versus risk, the stakes are VERY real,

And then there's the mental energy it takes to resist piling in more funds than I'm prepared to lose, and managing FOMO to just mostly hold what i've got.

Exciting but agitating...

I can't deny that Defi is exciting, and fun, but it also agitates the mind - there's so many variables to consider when you're weighing up risk and reward and there is a tendency to micro-track what's happening to your returns - too many windows, too much flitting back and forth.

This is not good for the brain - it's resulted in later nights, poorer quality of sleep and waking up feeling wired.

A sure sign that it's bad for my mental health is that I struggled this morning to spend 2 hours before breakfast doing a general tidy round, learning some language, and a quick session on the cushion, all I wanted was to get back to my defi explorations.

This means it's become a compulsion, which I'm not sure is good - I'm pretty sure I've now got some good positions open, and it's just a matter of monitoring them!

There's more to life than crypto....

I basically just have to remember that there's more to life than crypto, and I actually quite like my life.

Sure, crypto is money, money is necessary, but then there is this: you have to remember what the point of your life was before you got into Crypto.

And for me that means a pretty basic, down to earth existence, enjoying a physically grounded life in nature - learning new skills, growing my own food, working the land Permaculture stylee.

And of course meditating, breathing, walking, running, and just generally enjoy the spring, which somehow arrived while I was down a Defi hole:


I've somehow lost that balance the last couple of weeks, I need to get back to it.

So crypto is purely an evening thing from now on, it's pointless being compelled to be in crypto land 24-7 when it agitates my mind so much it actually reduces the quality of my consciousness.

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