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Hello all and welcome to my Leo Finance investment strategy for 2021!

My strategy is very basic:

Invest all savings into the projects that I have studied regularly and have developed a level of understanding and trust in. Also devote all free time to studying and further understanding new projects and better understanding old projects and log the process here on the Hive so you guys can follow along!

For me 2021 has already been a wide open door for opportunity for me. I literally lost my pizza place job on the New Years XD. So I cant 100% determine specifically what my strategy will be without having that stable wage so I am back on the job hunt grind and I have an interview today in an hour thankfully. Will update with actual numbers when possible!

I am investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hive, Leo, SIM and XRP(yes even with the recent SEC attacks) but I believe anything on the top 10 coinmarketcap is a worthy hodl during 2021. I am all about WEEDCASH, BEER, FOODIES and the other tokens that are native to the Hive Blockchain as well.

I am also highly interested in the NFT space and plan to start making my own NFTs for various projects as well as my own.

I use half of my Hive Power to curate posts I like and to engage the community and the other half I delegate with dlease for a guaranteed daily passive income.

By the way if you havent heard of dcity.io you should definitely check it out!

I actually have a lot of ideas for blockchain games that I wish I had time to further develop but survival has been hitting hard for me with a necessity to monetize my immediate time. This is actually counterproductive to the knowledge I have about building real wealth but when I have a little more security in my income I will be able to build something to brag about.

Lately, I have been trying to come up with a content creation plan for hive as I would like to hit 1k HP by the end of the 2021. I have been failing hard at posting regular and just staying positive about everything in general but I am a super introverted person to begin with so all of this goes against my nature anyways.

I would like to grow my presence here and I have been promoting Hive off chain for quite awhile but its getting more serious as of late. Mostly sharing the gaming options that I enjoy here on the Hive Blockchain but I am also about to start trying to plug the local skateboarding community into the skatehive community.

My price predictions: HIVE 2021 peak will be around $6 in Dec and LEO 2021 peak will top off around $24 for some bullish love. I study the markets based on a four year cycle that may or may not repeat itself as it has before but we are all banking on this it seems.

I am hoping that my investment will grow before the major jumps in price so I can change my life around after being homeless for nearly 4 months last year. I'm pretty proud of myself for holding during this time but I wish I could have contributed more to my savings/investments during this time rather than meeting my basic needs.

I am truly looking forward to growing my portfolio and understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with you all!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful time!

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