Like Bitcoin, Hive is under constant threat.

The cryptosphere is constantly talking about the need for decentralized social media. However, surprisingly, no matter how much…

Seems Like The Majority Of The Top20 Witnesses Are Now Signaling 12% APR On HBD Savings

Meanwhile the HBD balance in savings has grown a bit ![image.png](

Hive Bonds: The Next Step In HBD Evolution

Disclaimer: The technical feasibility of this at the base level is not know as of this writing. These ideas are being presented for…

Hive Saved My Life!

Yesterday was a special little milestone for yours truly... ![It-s-Crypto-Mondays-Giving-Away-1000-Worth-Of-Crypto-PeakD.png](

Guys guys guys: four airdrops = 4 airdrops


Should We Reduce The Hive.Fund Holdings To Further Improve Decentralization Via A Long Term Airdrop To Hive Holders?

Ok so this might be a bit controversial topic, but I think its something worth looking and brainstorming about. Hive takes pride in its…

Three Reasons Why I Am Super Bullish On Hive Long-Term

There is a lot happening in the cryptocurrency space. Unfortunately for many, it seems like Hive is overlooked in all of this. Here…

The 5 Year Hive Plan

source **Being invested in Hive and Leo plus the other things like CUB will stand us in good stead going forward. The world is

Yet Another Hive Phishing Scam

If it sounds too good to be true... Screenshot of a comment I just got:

The Impact Of Hive Backed Dollars (HBD)

With the completion of Hard Fork 25, things changed regarding the Hive Backed Dollar. This is something that garnered a great deal of…

Be careful - you might get a FREE FAKE hardware wallet

Fraudsters get Bitcoin with fake hardware wallets Hey Hive Family be careful with some free gifts As I just read about…
10 mo

Leofinance crew is doing pretty amazing things these days. For your ow ...

Leofinance crew is doing pretty amazing things these days. For your own sake... try to find some time to keep up with the developments.…
11 mo

Misinformation works fine

Last week, some articles about Bitcoin popped up in mainstream portuguese newspapers. The typical arguments from 2015 emerged: criminal…

Leo Timeline Announcement

This post is put out on behalf of @khaleelkazi. He is swamped right now so the intention is to set some parameters as to what is coming…
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The "normal people" are considering their options.

They will come. Give them time. Not all of them, obviously. Somebody has to play the violin while the ship sinks. I've noticed…

All Hive users: You might have gotten some free crypto without realizing it

As many of you know, Hive was a fork of Steem, but there was another one too: Blurt. Now, I don't know too much about it, except that…

33 Reasons Why You Should Be Using HIVE Blockchain

Today was the day that boi decided to give up on sleep so that he could write a nice long list of reasons why you should use the HIVE…

All it takes is a couple of news in the MSM...

... for the friends and relatives to start calling and: i) asking for advice: "How do I buy it?" or ii) giving you advice "It's too…

Update on the Crypto Class Action - 20 Nov 2020 Hearing

Andrew Paul Stuart Hamilton v Facebook Inc. & Google LLC NSD899/2020 On 20 November 2020, I appeared (by MS Teams) for the second time…

Hive A $3 Billion Blockchain?

Is there is a possible future for Hive? With so many blockchains out there "kicking ass" while Hive is stuck in neutral, how is it…