Baakjira Gold Foil Airdrop

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Sometimes we do need to flex. No, I am not talking about how big your portfolio is :). I am more interested in how lucky you are when it comes to these play2earn games. I have very new to @splinterlands and @risingstargames but was involved with @dcity since the very beginning. Token price and the pace of development/update attract users into any play2earn games. I have been pretty inactive with @dcity. Don't ask me why but it has been the case. Instead of that, splinterlands and risingstargames have been my favorite pastime lately. I say that but I never have free time to spare after the day job and household chores.

Anyways, splitnerlands recently have the two airdrops for the chaos legion pack holders. I see many user posts that update and flex their luck. I look at you @ervinlermark :P

I was lucky to receive two doctor blight cards in the first airdrop. I was not expecting too much in this phase but to my surprise the draw gave me a gold foil Baakjira card. I almost went to the moon. I think that was the most valuable card ever on Splinterlands for me. For the other airdrop, I was not lucky enough to receive any card.


So, did I HODL the card like I did for the first time?
No, I did not.

The first airdrop and the Chaos Legion Opening helped me understand one thing for sure. The card prices will go all the way down once the market is at saturation. Many users did not want to hodl the cards and the prices for a couple of cards literally dropped from 600$ to 2-3$. I am new to the game and I am not sure how to properly use these new card in battles. Yes, I can rent them out but even the rental market is not that great for all cards out there.

This time around, I put my card on sale in the market right after receiving. I managed to pocket 260$ worth of DEC in my account. The number of DEC also improved my SPS airdrop. Profits all around. I am looking forward to another round of airdrops whenever that happens.

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Luck was on never my side and this is one of reason I calculate everything before taking action.

Congrats for GFL.

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Thanks. I also received another GF airdrop. Happy airdrops :)