Let's brew a beer for the Beer Saturday - Cryptobrewmaster

2 months ago
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I have been hooked to this new hive based game everyone is talking about - Cryptobrewmaster. I am not hooked becuase of the dazzling user interface, graphics, associated complexities but the opposite. I like the laid back vibe it gives. A couple of visit in a day, a couple of tweaks here and there and you are good to go. And, who does not like beer?
So, let's get ready for the Beer Saturday and brew a bottle of beer.

What do you do in the game? Not much. You collect ingredients which requires looooooots and loooooots of patience if you don't want to spend CBM tokens. Once you have all ingredients to brew a bottle of beer then you brew.

Annotation 20200904 121625.png

You can sell that to cryptobrewmaster to earn CBM tokens and proudly participate on their leaderboard ranking. Yours truly is currently at 319th place. But, you never know, hardwork and consistency can take you a long way.

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More than gaming - Investment diversification

As I was reading a post by @taskmaster4450 this morning that describes how and why second layer tokens on hive are really important, i reaffirmed my decision to divest a bit from hive only approach. The recent case of Leo token and many other gaming tokens including CBM are pefect scenarios to explain why it matters to engage in tribe tokens and how they may provide value in utlimately building Hive wealth.

I currently own 224 CBM tokens on Cryptobrewmaster and that is almost equivalent to 15 Hive. I know how tough it is for a newbie like me to earn 15 hive by blogging and curating. I am glad that I joined this gaming interface and hope these second layer tokens will ultimately boost the Hive price ( or not).

If you think it will be a good investment of your time then here's a referral link to the game.

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