Oktober Power Up Fest

1 month ago
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There is always a first time. You joined Hive for the first time, wrote a blog post for the first time, received an upvote, a comment, made a friend, upvoted and commented on other posts for the first time. There are so many first times when you are new to hive. You get to know the culture and traditions. I know, the platform is not that old but there are cultures, traditions and trends cemented by the users who are seasoned in crypto-blogging. And, I have to follow the trend of Powering Up Hive on the first day of the month.

Screen Shot 20201001 at 7.32.54 PM.png

I did not know about the powering up on the first day. I missed the last three months after I joined the platform. But, I was determined that I would collect at least 10 Hive and keep that to power up on October 1. So, here I am powering up my tiny bit 14 HP and joining the clout.

Screen Shot 20201001 at 7.33.24 PM.png

I have mentioned in one of the previous posts that I power up Hive every-time I received, earn liquid Hive. I am almost desperate to put my Hive to work on curation and earning, I never let it seat there. So, powering up is nothing new. However, it is special to do it on the first day of the month.

I am on the cusp of achieving 0.5K hive status. I don't know what I am called -may be Hive small fish. With 500 HP hopefully I can make a day of a newbie who is struggling to receive upvotes. Eight more hives and I am there. Who knows this post will give me that extra 8 Hive :P

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