RE: LeoAlpha: Thorchain (RUNE) - Tracking the Opportunities and Future of Multi-Chain Swaps

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Great post Khal. Here's the exact problem I have whenever I try to access articles on Leofinance. I have been a proponent of using search functionality through the use of tags. Many users have published many great articles on Rune on Leofinance. I am looking for a guidance article that could help me navigate thor ecosystem to stake my Rune. I still don't know how to stake native Rune. Or how to bridge BEP 20 Rune to native Rune. I know I can google it and find a right article to guide me. But, it would be super helpful if we have that search functionality with right tags. Leofinance is getting there with tags but we may want to use our tags more efficiently.

I don't know what I wrote right there :) You are the owner and you have to take brunt on anything. Hopefully this new initiative will help streamline articles.

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