The 100- who mined KOIN yesterday

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I thought I was the only one who knew about KOIN mining but I was wrong, obviously :D . How many posts have you read about KOIN mining on Leofinance? 100 or more? There were more than 100 miners actively scrambling on Discord yesterday trying to figure out how to fix mining issues. I was one of the un/lucky ones.

Screen Shot 20201014 at 11.36.46 AM.png
First thing first, I have never ever mined and understood the idea of mining. I always thought mining was highly technical, energy intensive and time consuming process. So, when I read a post on KOIN by @ervin-lemark, I pondered a bit and then let it go. Then again, the day of the mining, FOMO kicked in and I downloaded the app, funded ETH and let it mine. No fancy computer but my old Macbook with rudimentary computing power, I managed to collect 200 odd KOIN. I don't know what will be the value of these coins. I have yet to read the white paper. I jumped in because I was thrilled to be part of something from the onset.

It is a similar idea to be part of Hive or Leofinance. We are always proud to being early adopters or early movers. KOIN seems to be something new and innovative. It could be a total dud and i may have wasted all my money in a scam project. Or, I will have a chunk of something that will give me additional leverage in the next six months when we are done with the mining.

As cheap I am, i set the proof of frequency to one time a week to save on ETH gas fees. Hope that still works.

Here you go, another KOIN post for you. List me with all the others. Yes I am one of the shitposters trying to achieve the Leodolphin status and I know @trumpman will be happy. He is the king :)

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