wLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool- An Emotional Investment?

2 months ago
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The first lesson you learned from experts and other experienced traders- NEVER make a decision based on your emotions - NEVER.

But, I did that. I did the exact same thing. I made a decision based on my emotion. I could have used logic theories, indicators, technical analysis, expert opinions and many other variables. But, I have to admit that the decision to take part in the first ever wLEO launching on Uniswap has an emotional bearing and I made a decision based on that.

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I am a proud owner of 0.14% share of the total wLEO-ETH pool on Uniswap. My share of the pool is dwindling every minute of the day as more and more investors are adding multiple folds of ETH and equivalent wLEOs in the pool. And yet, I am okay with that and chuckling my way in every-time I look at my Uniswap account.

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Was it a Right Decision?

Who knows? Technically speaking, it was not a monetarily efficient decision for sure. I spent almost 30 $ worth of my money on gas fees to be part of the Liquidity Pool for the total investment of 220$. So, yes I should have refrained from taking part in the investment pool if it was a matter of $$ I was spending on gas fees and the return I will be getting from trading fees and bounty.

On the other hand, I was happy that my total investment of 250$ (including gas fees) was helping the platform where I spend my precious time, daily. In a way, I took this as an opportunity to support the platform I think is doing good and will do great.

A byproduct of all I did in the last two days was I became a bit wiser and a bit efficient in dealing with ETH and the new DeFi craze. I confidently say that I have used the financial tool of the future. Hope this exposure will help me tread my path for many other opportunities.

Yes, I want to make money from my investment. But, for the time being, I am glad that I supported a cause.

Experts could be right and my emotional investment may tank or may not provide the right return. This time, I will be happy if I do not lose.


I know that #Leofinance is making right decisions but I feel like the launch should be followed by a massive marketing campaign and collaboration among similar other networks and groups to bring spotlight in the project. The gas from hive cannot push the train far enough. I will make sure I do my part on twitter, reddit and any other social media platforms. Yes, an emotional decision yet again.

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