Daily Routines = 400 Hive Posts

Though on a regular basis I am running into some kind of absurd problem in this world, I have found that the best way to find a sense of…

Illuvium Looks Awesome - Play2Earn Game

Browsing through @leofinance today, I saw this post by @ga38jem and was immediately impressed b

Features That Hive Needs

Image Source One of my biggest regrets looking back is not getting involved in coding earlier and w

Banned On Twitter After Two Days

Well I guess it serves me right. I decided to do some advertising for my NFT project on Twitter and was almost immediately disappointed…

The Power of Peaked Interest

Source I've been working around the clock

CardSharks Whitepaper

CardSharks Whitepaper An NFT Project To Support The Fight Against Problem Gambling |Date|Issue Descri

Project Announcement! Whitepaper Coming Tonight

Introduction Hey everyone, I would like to announce that I am launching an NFT series with a purpose that means a lot to me. I've…

Hashlips NFT Art-Engine: Anyone Can Mint Their Own Collection

I have been doing a ton of work and research into what it takes to create an NFT collection. It turns out that the only thing holding me…

My Gamma Wave Moment - NFT Project Coming

Image Source When a person comes up with a great idea, realization, thought, or epiphany, there is ofte

Being Early Is Painful

Let's talk Splintershard. I believe that it is safe to say that anyone who is holding some Splintershards is early in the game. The…

Ragnarok Logo Submission

I'll begin by saying that I am absolutely not an artist. I have always been told that my art is not so good and that it is not something…

Leo Still Very Cheap... Too Cheap

With all that is happening for the @leofinance platform, there has not been a whole lot of movement in the price of the Leo token... In…

Chaos Legion Causing Chaos On The Servers

Today is the general sale for Chaos Legion packs and things have gotten a bit wild for the game servers trying to keep up with the buying…

Weird Error, Please Disregard

Please disregard.

70% Of Crypto Investors Just Started in 2021

I was wildly surprised when I saw this article pop up today on CoinGecko. Huboi ran a s

Thorchain launching DOGEFI

Image Source I'll come out and say that I've never owned Dogecoin for more than a few hours, bu

Just Chillin Podcast Ep1 - Nancy Pelosi and Flat Earth Theory

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ![Just Chillin Logo.png](

Market Psychology Is Weird

Last night at around 3am, I found myself still awake. I found out around 2 that the two legendary cards Baakjira and Uriel The Purifier…

Does Hive Have A Place For Podcasts?

Image Source I know that there are a few podcasts happening on Hive already. There is the Crypto Maniacs podcast

New City, New Job (I Hope)

Image Source Today, I just confirmed with three of my closest friend