What Is The BEE Token And What To Do With It?

So a few months ago when I founded @dunksocial, I was surprised to find out that the funding process did not happen using Hive tokens, but…

Coinbase Will List Anything Except Hive It Seems

As much as it pains me to say it because of the giant fees and KYC verification hoops that must be jumped through, Coinbase is a very…

Torum Looking Primed To Explode

I've written about Torum in the past. When I first started out here on @leofinance, I decided that a good way to increase my knowledge and…

Rob's Leo All Stars #18 - @beehivetrader


250 Leo Delegation Contest - Leo Mobile App

Hey everyone, It has been a long time since I have done a giveaway or delegation contest of some kind here on Leo Finance, so I figure…

Rob's Leo All Stars #17 - @vlemon

Today I came across an article by @vlemon that featured commentary on a very big FUD issue in cryptocurrency, energy consumption. The…

Rob's Leo All Stars #16 - @amr008

I wanted to write this up because I wanted to thank @amr008 for all the work they have done the last few months on numerous Hive platforms i

Hive Proposals - A New Age Funding Mechanism?

Image Source I am someone who comes up with a few different ideas for inventions or platforms each day. I am also a person who lacks

New Job Pursuit - English Teaching

Those who know me offline already know that I have a lot of... indecision when it comes to pursuing a career or educational path. With…

Rob's Leo All Stars #16 - @daltono

Today I came across a short video that @daltono posted on @threespeak through the @leofinance community. Here is a link to the…

Rob's Leo All Stars #15 - @joseph23

Image Source Today I came across a really interesting article by @joseph23 looking at the positives and negatives of the Bitcoin si

US Open Prize Money Hits An All Time High

Image Source I have always been amazed by how much money sports are able to generate in revenu

Rob's Leo All Stars #14 - @katerinaramm

Today I came across a post by someone who has been putting out great articles for a while, @katerinaramm . [Here](

Goofy Stuff In Crypto Episode 1 - NFT's

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hey everyone, I am starting a short video series where I seek out weird things that I find in the

Rob's Leo All Stars #13 - @behiver

Today I came across a very positive post by @behiver that can be found [here](

Hive Price Is Flying Today

WOW... Hive is absolutely killing it in the markets today: ![Hive Price 93.png](

Introducing Another Segment

In looking to get more involved on the Hive blockchain, I have been admittedly spreading myself a bit thin around different platforms.…

Big News For Presearch

A few months ago, I started using the Presearch search engine in harmony with my Brave browser. The Presearch engine works very similar to…

One Day We'll All Be Rich

I guess this may be a bit of a sh*tpost, but I just wanted to speak my mind. I think that the concept of Web 3.0. is really going to be…

Bitcoin Cash Launching smartBCH Sidechain

For a time, I was a bit disappointed at the decisions made by some of the projects that are running on the Bitcoin Cash network. I'm still…