rollandthomas Interview Part 2 Technical Analysis

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Part two: Technical Analysis of Cardano Technical Analysis of Ethereum Technical Analysis

CUB Kingdom and DUNK Claimdrop Announcement

Source: @sgt-dan As we are publishing this on @leofinance it feels right that we should also plug their most recent announcement .…

Dunk Social CLAIMDROP #2 And Stats!

Hey everyone, this is an official announcement that this post will serve as claimdrop #2 for the newest community on Hive, @dunksocial…

Brave Browser: Content Creator Partnerships

If you are unfamiliar with the Brave browser, then you are missing out on an absolute gem. What Is Brave? Brave is an internet…

$TATA A Disney Partnership? Who Knows

Just the other day I came across a coin on the BSC and was immediately stopped in my tracks due to the name: Hakuna Matata Coin. For…

AMP: New Coinbase Crypto Listing

After checking my Coinbase account today on my phone, I realized that they just listed a new token: AMP I like to keep an eye out for…

Press Release: Budgetary Adjustments

Budgetary Adjustments After conversations regarding the health of the platform and the quest to remain compliant with SEC regulations…

Crypto Markets Are Ruthless

I have learned first hand that the cryptocurrency markets can be quite ruthless, especially for coins that are low in volume. I can only…

Overwhelming Support: Dunk Social Claimdrop Issuance

Wow... When I made the announcement yesterday about the claimdrop and the launch of @dunksocial I had no idea that so many people would…

Dunk Social is Hive's latest tribe and its all about basketball

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Creating Value On Dunk Social


Dunk Social Is LIVE: Launch Details CLAIMDROP #1

I am proud to announce that @dunksocial is officially live! dunksocial.io will be helping basketball fans around the world create value by…

Signing Up For Dunk Social

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Here is a short video on how to sign up for Dunk Social! More information will be rel

Dunk Social Logos And Banners

Here are free materials to add to posts on the Dunk Social platform, launching soon! ![BSK1.png](

The Subtle Genius Of Elon's Tweets

I would like to make a disclaimer that I think it is completely idiotic that one man (who is at this point a genuine nut) is able to move…

100 Leo Power Giveaway: Predict Leo Price

With all of the innovation that has been happening in the Leo Finance ecosystem, the price of the token has surely not reflected the…

The Importance Of Security

After months of stalling, I finally spent an entire day going through all of my apps, wallets, accounts, etc. to verify and strengthen my…

Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash: Existence In Harmony?

All too often in the cryptocurrency world we see maximalists talking badly about other tokens and finding reasons to dislike it. We can…

Mass Adoption Incoming: Paypal Enabling Crypto Withdrawals

Coindesk reported on it first just a few days ago as a rumor, but it really does seem that Paypal will be following through with enabling…

Chainlink: Connecting Crypto To The World

Chainlink is a crypto that I have been hearing about regularly for a long time, but never really did much research on. I knew that it was…