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Today I came across an article by @vlemon that featured commentary on a very big FUD issue in cryptocurrency, energy consumption.

The article can be found here.

What Was It About?

If you watch the news at all, you will often see that conversations about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often filled with dumb comments about how much energy it takes to mine them. People make these comments with very little understanding of what is actually going on and we are always seeing big names making these dumb comments.

@vlemon discusses this and more and even includes a wonderful video discussing some percentages and trends in energy consumption.

Rather than focusing on the current percentages of energy that is renewable or not, @vlemon asserts that we should be looking at the situation with a forward-thinking mindset.

I do not think that arguing around the % of renewables that would be "okay" is the good strategy. In the end, we will go towards a higher and higher percentage as it will be more profitable for farms to be closer to renewable energy sources.

Things will continue to get more renewable because of the cost efficiency behind doing that, and all of this trash talk about Bitcoin using up all the energy is ill-sighted and very short-term in nature.

What I Liked:

I liked the honesty of this piece. @vlemon concedes that miners aren't perfect in using renewable energy but also reminds us that it does not really matter because it will only improve.

If more people had this thought process, we'd be in much better shape as a movement. When figureheads are causing FUD because they are afraid of what will happen if they don't, the people who don't have a great understanding of something new will be more inclined to stick with the status quo. Articles like this one by @vlemon are fighting the good fight for the opposite side; we need more of this in the world.

With that, I declare @vlemon an official @leofinance all star! Great piece!

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