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If you have a Twitter and have ever said "Hive" on your account, the algorithm has without a doubt landed something by @nathanmars on your feed. The man is relentless in tweeting about the benefits of Hive and promoting works by community members. His level of dedication (objectively measured by his 145.3 thousand tweets) was so impressive that I was motivated to talk with Nathan numerous times about his proposal: Community Driven Hive Marketing - Twitter First Approach. He wrote a post about it here:

Here is the link to the proposal:

Summary of the idea

The general idea of Nathan's proposal is to allocate a flexible fund in order to incentivize community-driven marketing on apps like Twitter as well as offline in their communities and networks. By incentivizing an increased volume of Twitter activity, Nathan hopes that Hive will solve its "visibility problem" and find its way into mainstream usage the way that we all know it can one day do.

The requested budget is 200 HBD daily for a year.

Here is why you need to give it some consideration:

Twitter's User Base:

At first I was skeptical, why would we market Hive and Hive dApps on a website that we would eventually seek to replace? It was ironic and it would likely be something that could one day get censored by Twitter.

But I thought about it more. There are 192 million users on Twitter and that number is still growing despite being around for so long. If just a small fraction of those people were made aware of a more profitable alternative for their time, Hive could begin to grow rapidly. If Twitter sought to censor Hive-based posts (which I doubt that they really would), people may begin to wonder why. The reason would be that they themselves see the potential of the platform, which would only create more interest.

Brand Awareness:

People do not know what Web 3.0 is. It is currently quite a niche idea to be paid out for your engagement. Though it is niche, it is powerful and democratic. Free speech, immutability, monetization and transparency are things that people want but don't yet have with their social media applications; Hive changes this and Nathan wants people to know it.

Expanding the Existing Userbase's Involvement:

When on a call with Nathan he said he was inspired to pursue this because he sees much more Hive activity on... well... Hive. People create posts daily but don't always share those posts with their entire network (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Nathan said that the reason that people don't really tweet out their posts consistently is because we don't get paid to tweet. It is a straightforward problem with a straightforward solution, if we want people to spread their influence across networks, we need to provide the same monetary incentive to do so that exists now.

In Conclusion:

My only real issue with the proposal is that it may not be enough money once it gets started. People love getting paid and the idea of being paid to tweet is an incredible motivator in spreading the word of Hive. I am sure this scalability can be addressed when the proposal begins to show tangible success.

Anyone who wants to see the value of the Hive ecosystem increase should be voting yes for this proposal. Good luck @nathanmars! I am looking forward to seeing how this project goes.

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