My Progress on Hive Since Day One

Hello my beautiful Hive Family! Today I would like to introduce myself to Leo Finance, writing my first post from and…

What's New On Hivelist- Top Selling Products and New Updates!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give all of our loyal stakeholders and customers an update on what's been happeining in the world of…

ArchonTribe News #5

Hello everyone! ArchonTribe News #5 is out! All Hive communities want as many opportunities as possible for active user p

BeeSwap Token(BXT) Whitepaper

BeeSwap Beeswap is an application that allows cheap (0.25%) deposits/withdrawals to hive-engine, without changing the size of the…

INCOME fund - what we are doing + new Roadmap

Check out the last update here , which also has a link to the update before that, and so on and so forth. INCOME is a relatively small…

WINE ICO - The 1st ICO on Hive - First resume & Quick updates

Wow, that has really been a great start of the WINE ICO ! Mhhmmm.. !WINE .. swweeet!! 😋 You have bought nearly 10000 WINE…

The WINE ICO is now LIVE !! Be one of the first ones to participate in Hive's 1st ICO + win some extra $WINE !!! :)

FINALLY!!.. after weeks and months of intense preparation we're proud to present you.. WINE - the 1st real ICO - Initial Coin…

WINE ICO Teaser - Hive's 1st ICO / !WINE Data digest #1

Get ready for the $WINE Pre-ICO! .. starting in .. Hi Hivers & $WINE lovers, the launch of the WINE Pre-ICO is just around the…

Teaser: the 1st ICO on Hive! // Important updates on $WINE

WOW! - You have mined more than 1500 $WINE in just about 6 weeks since we made the 1st announcement and introduced $WINE to the Hive…

Introducing the WINE Token to the Hive Community

} Cheers Hivers, We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes and strength to you & your loved ones. We’re here to share gifts…

Poll Proposals

I suggest that as a community standard, we adopt this format for "Poll Proposals" as demonstrated by @thecryptodrive. See:

10 Reasons You Should Be Looking At JAHM Token | FOMO Explained

Wha Gwaaaan my breddas and sistas! I don't post very much, but when I do, I do In this post I want to show you why you should be…