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"Maybe not instantly, but fairly quickly."

Hmmm. Well, depending upon your objectives in investing, you may wish to run a current experiment of your own. And attempt to sell 100s of LHP vs. a few, since there are no fees. You can always buy them back "quickly" ...

The issue for me was having "dry powder" for taking advantage of a market opportunity. For which ... As you know, we cannot just hit the "pause / snooze" button, while we attempt to free up some capital ... I liked the "advertised" benefit of LHP providing me both the benefits of an HP stake, with the liquidity of a HIVE stake ...

Anyway, you and I both place a high value on our liberty to do what seems best. So ... I will stop and hope you do not view my "contrarian" input in a negative way. All investors should seek input, from different perspectives, so they can make a well-informed decision.

P.S. For perspective on why I have chosen to invest some time to write this, I checked my database. I had 2,600 LHP and was talking to Cardboard about my interest in investing toward a stake objective of 10,000 ...

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