Is the Mayor Of Miami About To Buy Bitcoin For Miami???

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  • Bitcoin is the world’s best treasury reserve asset & the emerging dominant monetary network. It is the solution to the store of value problem faced by every individual, corporation, & government on earth.

  • Every investor is in danger of losing their wealth due to the great monetary inflation. We all need a Store of Value that is not based on fiat.

  • Bitcoin is The Solution – an investment grade, safe haven, treasury reserve asset.

  • Bitcoin is our best

These are all Michael Saylor twits with regards to Bitcoin. Michael keeps talking about this monetary energy source in Bitcoin. Michael’s thesis is if a company has say $1 billion in cash reserve, as of result of all the fiat printing that has and continues to take place, the purchasing power of that cash reserve is losing 15% each year. So buy the time three years go by, that cash reserve will be worth $500 million. It’s why he’s so passionate about convincing other companies to do what MicroStrategy did last year. Michael says if a company buys bitcoin, instead of losing purchasing power, a company could increase their purchasing power by many factors in the future.

Yesterday I wrote a post about Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy hosting a two day event in February to educate companies on why they should own Bitcoin as their company treasury. Although the event hasn’t happened yet, he has touched or is influencing others directly and/or indirectly.

Take Adam Scaramucci for example, Adam of SkyBridge Capital filed a Regulation D form for a Bitcoin Fund with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund opened on January 4th to outside investors who can invest a minimum of $50,000. Adam said bitcoin is in its "early innings," and he wants to get in before the price soars even higher. Adam said investing in Bitcoin is like investing in Amazon in 2002 and after having several conversations with Michael Saylor and said he was a big influencer in his decision to open the fund.

Now let take the mayor of Miami as another example. Francis Suarez is the first born Miami and 43rd mayor of Miami who was elected in 2017.

Francis Suarez, the mayor of the U.S. city of Miami, Florida, has been discussing with the crypto community about putting a small percentage of the city’s treasury reserves in bitcoin.

One soon-to-be Miami resident is Morgan Creek Digital partner Anthony Pompliano, who has been discussing what bitcoin can do for Miami and why Suarez should put 1% of the city’s treasury reserves in the cryptocurrency.

The mayor of Miami has also been discussing “being able to use bitcoin and other cryptos to pay property taxes and city fees,”


I know there might be some folks freaking out after the 25% crash, with the potential of more downside risk, but we are so early in the adoption curve. Bitcoin has gotten so large, that it’s too big to fail now and when Bitcoin crossing over the $1 trillion market cap milestone definitively, I’m sure in the future I will be talking about how Apple and X central bank bought Bitcoin for their treasury.

This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor, this isn't financial advise. Do your own research before making investment decisions.

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