Ask Leo - What's Your Strategy When The Bear Market Comes to Your Crypto Investment?

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Hi Lions,
After some time ago we are above the wind with stable prices $LEO at $1 and both $HIVE & $CUB have a steady price increase in the market above $0.8 /$HIVE and $ 4 /$CUB, unfortunately today we are constantly experiencing in bear market that occurs in $HIVE, $LEO and $CUB, this is certainly not good news for us but this is very common in crypto that has high fluctuations and volatility in the market.

Today i would like to ask to you all guys about What's your strategy when the bear market comes to your crypto investment?


So, I'll be the first to answer and sharing about my strategy when the bear market comes to our crypto invesment, facing this situation many peoples ussualy having their own strategy depending on their psychology and how the mindset works, there may be panic selling, adding to their crypto investment by buying it on dip market, HODL and others.

In my personal opinion this situation ain't good for me, for the example when i buys 50% from my total $CUB asset when the price around $7 /$CUB so that the best i can do for now is TIGHT HODL and increase my investment with monopolized my crypto asset to buys each others depends on good price the crypto in bear market, even if i have more FIAT i'll be take some to buys crypto.

I just playing simple strategy on my crypto investment and don't have any special strategie, when i have more money / crypto that i can monopolize for sure i see this situation as a golden opportunity to increase the amount of my investment in crypto that is on the dip market, on the contraty when i didn't have money to increasing my asset i'll be HODL it tight.

Besides on that my $CUB will be give me passive income from my Farms and Dens so i never worried about it and i can re-invest all of them to increasing my liquidity in farms and compunding in Dens. For $LEO & $HIVE that i have, i will staking more and focus to power up my Hive Power and Leo Power continuosly and keep my consistency to produce valuable and informative article for others to achieved my goals.

So how about you guys? What's your strategy when the bear market comes to your crypto investment?


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