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GRUM FLAMEBLADE is a very powerful Monster with powerful abilities that attacks the target with Melee Attacks. Especially with his Bloodlust Ability, Grum Flameblade can be very effective in battles and becomes more brutal and dangerous against enemies as the battle goes on. In other words, because he has the Bloodlust Ability, each time Grum Flameblade defeats his opponent on the battlefield, all his stats are increased by +1 therefore, this ability allows him to be more effective on the battlefield and to attack enemies more brutally.


GRUM FLAMEBLADE has the Bloodlust Ability and the Void Armor Ability at level 1, the Void Ability at level 2 and the Giant Killer Ability at level 3.

  • Bloodlust Ability : This Monster revels in the glory of combat and becomes more dangerous as the battle goes on. Every time it defeats an opponent, it gets +1 to all stats (in the Reverse Speed ruleset, -1 to Speed).
  • Void Armor Ability : Magic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health.
  • Void Ability : Reduced damage from Magic attacks.
  • Giant Killer Ability : Does double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana.

These abilities are really powerful abilities and abilities that can be very effective in battles. That's why Grum Flameblade helps me win many battles, even the toughest ones.

A Legendary NFT Card, GRUM FLAMEBLADE NFT Card is currently starting at $4 on the market. The Gold Foil GRUM FLAMEBLADE NFT Card is currently starting at $41.40 on the market.

Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Holy Protection
Melee Mayhem
Mana Cap 32

  • Holy Protection rule means all Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
  • Melee Mayhem rule means Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.

When I reviewed at the last 5 battles of the opposing player before starting the battle and saw that they have very powerful cards. I knew I was going to fight against a level 6 Summoner in this battle. And considering that the battle setrule has the Melee Mayhem rule, I added Grum Flameblade to my team without hesitation and put him in the last position. The reason I put Grum Flameblade in the last position was because I knew he would become more dangerous as the battle goes on, so it was important that he survived until the end of the battle. I recommend you to watch this great battle on video or battle link and you can also see how effective GRUM FLAMEBLADE is in battles.

Battle Link



What are your thoughts on the battle? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link



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