RE: Are You Hodling HBD and HIVE? How to Earn Over 53.32% APY, Paid Daily

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CUB Finance is doing a great job going forward. I think it is vital that the decentralized blockchain has decentralized pools of liquidity. I stay away from centralized exchanges now, thanks to CUB Finance I have the opportunity to instantly buy or sell large amounts of Hive or HBD from a decentralized pool. It's also great to see highly profitable investment options. Enlarging the liquidity pool can bring great benefits both to the Hive ecosystem and to us as a community.

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Really glad to hear that! Yes, CUB is trying to build out more decentralized liquidity for HIVE. It's become more important than ever that we do this.

Right now, the focus is continuously stacking up the liquidity. The deeper it gets, the more beneficial it is both for Cub and Hive

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