Why is HIVE Rising and How High Can It Rise?

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HIVE ecosystem is growing every day and HIVE continues to rise. Chaos Legion packs in Splinterlands are still for sale. And after January 6, LARYNIX tokens will be distributed to HIVE holders by the SPK Network platform. And many more great developments move HIVE higher.


HIVE rose rapidly within minutes, reaching as high as $1.42. It signals that it can go higher even if it falls back a little due to the selling demands around 1.4 dollars. It is currently trading at $1.34 and has gained about 22% compared to yesterday. And it signals that it can move higher towards the end of this year.


There's not much time left to participate in the Chaos Legion packs pre-sale in Splinterlands. After approximately 1 day and 3 hours, the pre-sale will end. Players and investors who do not want to miss this opportunity will try to get Chaos Legion packages at a discount today. Chaos Legion packs sales will be on sale again after December 8, this time there will be no 10% discount on purchases with SPS. So only 1 day left to get the discount.

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The LARYNIX airdrop was announced last month by the SPK Network platform. On January 6, 2022, a snapshot of HIVE holders will be taken. And LARYNIX tokens will be distributed to HIVE holders in a 1:1 ratio. SPK Network will be a great promising platform. That's why I want to have the LARYNIX token very much and I'm eagerly waiting for the day it will be distributed. I think it will be more profitable for the future to have more HIVE by January 6th. I recommend that you do not miss this opportunity.

Everything is going well on the HIVE side and the HIVE ecosystem continues to grow day by day. This causes HIVE to rise even more. By January 2022, HIVE could rise as high as $2. I also think HIVE will gain more value in the future. That's why it's not too late to invest in HIVE and join the HIVE community.

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