Splinterlands - Splintx Market?

Around summer of 2020 Aggy brought in some interns to work within Splinterlands. The interns I have forgotten but traces of their work…

How to add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the new Brave Browser "Brave Wallet" / MetaMask 🦊 (November 2021)

Der Brave Browser hat seit ein paar Tagen (mit dem Update 1.32.106) eine neue komplett überarbeitete MetaMask-kompatible Ethereum-Wallet…

Max Your SPS While You Can!

Max Your SPS While You Can! For those that don't know SPS is the Splinterlands governance token and with it holds a ton of value.…

Flipping Summoners, investing savings and farming Cub with HBD

If you're a Splinterlands investor then you definitely flip cards in some way. Flipping NFT monsters in the game is one of the fastest…

Punks On Hive Sold Out! Here Are The Top Buyers And Sales Over Time

Punks On Hive are officially sold out and the only way if you want to buy some now is from the secondary market. The sale went pretty…

I decided not to give up my plan of buying and living on a sailboat, and I also keep my Splinterlands card collection (2021.11.07)

Some people are trying/tried to dissuade me from this plan, but I received so much more supporting comments, as well as the awesome amount…

How To Transfer Splinterlands Assets To and From WAX

How To Transfer Splinterlands Assets to and From WAX Transfers between blockchains can be a complicated thing to understand and there…

Splinterlands How To Auto Rent (BID) on Cards On Peakmonster

A quick explainer is you set a price it will try to rent at this price continually so someone cancels on you th

Rune buy signal thanks to LEOALPHA

I just want to start by thanking @khaleelkazi for this post and his #LeoAlpha initiative. It really helps in narrowing down the research…

Splinterlands - DEC Battle Rewards Updating

DEC Rewards Updating Earlier today we got news from official Splinterlands that new reward distributions would be made for ranked…


😎Welcome to Beginner's Guide Part 3😎 Using Splinterlands market is okay but there are lot of tools are miss

Make your BUYING and SELLING experience A LOT better with PeakMonsters

It is often challenging and time-consuming to use the Splinterlands in-game market when dealing with multiple card transactions.

Did you miss the Axie Infinity Airdrop? Try #1 Crypto Game Splinterlands!

You Can Still Get Valuable Airdrops! If you've followed the latest crypto buzz, you know the crypto game Axie Infinity recently…

Alien Worlds - The metaverse reawakens and is on a clear mission

Alien Worlds is a free play2earn game on WAX blockchain that created a sci-fi metaverse where players compete for scarce Trilium (TLM)…

Lock your splinterlands assets.

My Splinterlands assets are only my responsibility so I will have to make sure I have locked my whole collection. There are some…

SplinterLands:: Top 5 Reasons - SPS will continue to RISE...

Hey All; The SPS token continues to rise and make all-time highs. As of writing the price of the SPS token is trading in the range of…

Splinterlands - Collection Points for All Leagues

Now that another Splinterlands season is over it maybe a good time to review on the threshold requirements to reach certain leagues. It…

Splinterlands will be a $3 Billion play2earn blockchain game

Splinterlands is the play2earn blockchain of the moment, but even while it shows unprecedented growth its value is still far away from…

Why PeakMonsters BIDS feature is AWESOME and HOW TO USE IT

What is the BIDS feature in PeakMonsters? The Bids feature in PeakMonsters allows buyers to put an offer (or bids) t

Splinterlands #1 On Dappradar & SPS Apr Still Very Attractive

Hi Everyone, After a few weeks of massive growth of Splinterlands, we have touched the #1 place a few times but this time, we have well…