How to Blog to Earn 12 Cryptocurrencies & A Kick Ass Tournament

Next Tournament Arena Background Graphic Are you ready for these awesome prizes? Please click the sponsor names, visit their blog &…

The Gift that Keeps Giving: My 10th Week LISTNERDS Report

***You may not have unlimited funds. You may not have this big marketing budget. But you know what? . . . . if you can put the time and…

5th Update in My 2022 Crypto Goals

It is interesting how my crypto goals evolved since the first day I published them last 16 November 2021. Today will be the fifth time…

We Are Remaking The Entire Financial System

Why am I so optimistic about cryptocurrency? It is really simple. We are embarking upon another major transition, one that strikes at…

Leo Dex Vote Multiplier - A Must Use Tool

Today @finguru asked me how to use the Leo Dex vote multiplier and thought if he is asking how many others may not even know about it or…

LeoLegends: Brought to You By the Sooniverse!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this clip from the AMA, we talk about LeoLegends

JustOneThing - Just How Viable Is Listnerds?

Daily Prompt: "Viable" In early January 2022 was re-launched as a "the world's first blockchain-based mailer." (For…

I Never Expected It Would Be This Fast!

Yesterday, publishing my 9th Weekly LISTNERDS Report , I shared that I remained positive that before the end of the month, I will reach…

Why Fashion Brands Are Joining The Crypto Club: Balenciaga Now Accepts Crypto Payments.

Adoption of cryptocurrencies by famous fashion brands as a means of payment seems to be the talk of 2022, with the latest move coming from…

My Weekly LISTNERDS Report: 9th Week

Though I don’t feel like writing My LISTNERDS Weekly Report , I still have to push myself. I actually just finished sending my first…

Use HBD For Payment At 44 Million Locations

Over the last few days we focused upon how the Hive Backed Dollar could become a store of value. This is done via the use cases that…

How Much Traffic Are YOU Driving to LeoFinance? | Profile & Post Analytics

Driving traffic to LeoFinance is key to the overall growth and success of the platform.

5 Strategies For Building A Following On Web3

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Cryptocurrency and Economics

Photo Credit: Alesia Kozik We will now conclude our review and

Our Last Two Seasons on Splinterlands

April 22nd was the last time I participated in the Social Media Challenge. Three days more, and it is almost a month. I have been silent…

Listnerds Newbies Guide | Embedding Images in HTML Emails

Adding images to your Listnerds emails I think we can all agree o

Audit your authorities

Was just talking with someone who asked me about revoking an active authority on their account and was having trouble with Hive…

Introducing pSPS | A PolyCUB Multi-Bridge Wrapped Token

Splinterlands and their SPS governance token have seen a dramatic level of adoption over the past year. It's incredible to have a…

BTC and Technical Analysis

I started using Elliot Wave Theory (EWT) after a year of suffering a 49% loss in my portfolio. That was 2015, the year I entered the…

Why Do Traditional Affiliate Marketers Shy Away From The Blockchain...

When @blainjones and I jumped into building our businesses on the blockchain, we were met with skepticism. Crypto....Pfffffff.…