RE: IMF's Continuous Efforts To Present CBDCs As A Better Alternative

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Why discredit something that they want to imitate in the first place except for the issue of control? What makes centralized control superior to a decentralized one? I think this is the question that they need to provide a convincing answer to. If not, by discrediting bitcoin, these international bankers are actually discrediting themselves in the eyes of the market.

Double talk, that's what they specialize in. They are like politicians who say one thing and do another. They say they want to see economic inclusion, poverty reduction, and assist developing nations as well as praising the promises of blockchain technology and yet their action tells otherwise.

Moreover, I also find their environmental rhetoric disgusting.

I like these new protocols: "Proof-of-Greed or Proof-of-Control." I will praise them if they will adopt either of these two names and they will gain credibility in that regard. lol

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