RE: Hive: Web 3.0 Social Media Epicenter

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To me, this has Hive in the lead in terms of social media applications which will be available by the end of the year.

That's great and to me this is exciting!

Oh! I love microblogging and email marketing via ListNerds!

Now our Hive marketing expert takes the article and sends it out on Listnerds.

Oh! I am curious what will be the impact of this on both Hive and ListNerds!

Summing it up for my future notes: several ways for content discovery (email marketing, microblogging, front-end, and video) and receiving multiple tokens as incentives for publishing a post. This is great!



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That is all the ways to market an article.

There is another application being built that will help with content discovery.

So there are a lot of things coming together.

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Got it. So app for content discovery is another thing.