Hashkings : How much I earned in last week

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Hashkings : How much I earned in last week

As I last mentioned in my last post that I have started in Hashkings game and Sunday is my day when I plant my farms, water them and off course harvest the previous farms.


But I guess there are so many users in Hive that might be interested on understanding that how is "Hashking's" earning potential.

To understand this , you need to understand that you need "Land","Seed" and "Water" as a bare minimum requirement to start in this game.

I own 8 "South American" land plot so my research and earning will be based on these plots but you can use same methodology to understand what profit you might make based on your plot.

First you have to check the value of seed according to your Land in market, for my land I can plant "Panama red" and "Colombian Gold". There are so many currency available there to check the price but I generally feel that only "BUD" and "Swap.Hive" market has some good choice and variety to choose.

So today I used BUD market to buy seed and it cost me 110 BUDS to buy the "Panama Red" seed. Water cost is 507 HKWATER that is equivalent to 17 BUDS and seed after harvesting will produce 307 BUDS. so in short after 7 days it will be 307-17-110 = 180 BUDS net profit. This correspond to to .17 Hive in today market.

Actually you can say profit not very great but it was my 15 minute of time to plant and harvest 7-8 plot and this make 1.25 Hive for me in a week.

By any sort this is not very great profit but you never know when the game can grow big and when you get involved with game then you keep scaling with game.

For me I have purchased these 8 plots on presale and the they come at very cheap price. I have no plan to sell these plots to better harvest them and use my little profits to make my "MOTA" stake so that in future I might get free seeds for staking MOTA.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and find it helpful.

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