So more than 18K SPORT burned till now

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For my initiative of burning the SPORTS token, I post a daily SPORTS burn post.

It occurred to me that I Should keep the consolidated view of the sports burn for these posts at one place .

Trx transferred to null till now:

Post linkTransactionSPORTS burned
July 02Trx Id2558
July 04Trx id3888.25
July 05Trx id3068
July 06Trx id4014
July 07Trx id2933
July 08Trx id456
July 09Trx id1136

Adding all these transaction, this sum come as 18053.25 sports

This post will be updated daily to keep the track of the SPORTS burn transaction in a single place

If you want to help in Sports burn ,you can feel free to drop at below post.

Using LF interface for spreading more awareness for sportdburn

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Quite some amount of sports burnt in this period. You are really doing well with this initiative. Great work

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