COMDEX: The Concept of an Isolated Money Markets with Bridged Assets

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In January 2022, Comdex integrated with CosmWasm, marking the beginning of great products planned by the team to bring solutions to real-world problems in terms of transactions in decentralised and centralized finance. Comdex was known as a democratizing finance platform before its upgrades to DeFi infrastructure for the Cosmos ecosystem and not only that, its vision is to allow other developers to build bleeding-edge DeFi applications with Comdex.

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As of the time of writing this article, the Comdex chain currently stands at:
♦️ 681k+ Transactions

♦️ 80 active validators

♦️ 68% Tokens staked

♦️ 5+ Projects building on chain

As big as the Cosmos ecosystem is, a native IBC platform that caters for lending/borrowing crypto/digital assets is lacking and the Comdex team sighted the necessity of launching one knowing that providing of sustainable yield for the users will improve decentralized finance capabilities of Cosmos Network.

Let's dive into this new product!

Comdex has introduced the creation of a lending/borrowing platform to the entire Cosmos community and the developing team has been working to release the platform to the entire ecosystem soon.

Commodo Lending/Borrowing Platform

Commodo is an IBC-based lending/borrowing platform under construction in the Comdex ecosystem. This platform uses Lend module available on Comdex chain 1.

Commodo Main Goal
There is Now main goal and Future main goal.

Now Main Goal
To provide a well secure, liquid and seamless platform that provides passive income for IBC asset holders.

Future Main Goal
To support bridged assets of:

  • Other Ecosystems.
  • Synthetics Assets.
  • Other Digital Assets.

Commodo is set to allow the above assets to plug into its earning mechanisms.

How Lending & Borrowing Works in Decentralized Platform.

Taking Commodo platform under development, for example, a user deposit a digital asset into the pool and this gives a license to lend digital assets then yields on these digital assets is activated. As in traditional finance, borrowing an asset has to do with collateral which is subjected to interest rates. In the Commodo platform, utilization of the assets determines the dynamic interest rate on the platform.

What Differciate Commodo from Other Lending/Borrowing Platforms.

Lending and borrowing is a common feature in decentralized finance but Commodo has some element that makes it a unique platform.

  • An interoperability function with the entire Cosmos ecosystem.
  • LP providers for IBC assets receive amazing rewards.
  • Fast with a low transaction fee on the network.
  • Highly secured platform based on the concept of isolated money markets with bridged assets.
  • When high volatility is activated, users can capitalize on arbitrage opportunities.

How The Team Set To Manage The Security Of The Platform

We have records of many decentralized platforms that have been compromised due to loopholes from the development team but the setup Commodo have is sustainable.
The Commodo platform will leverage on two bridged assets which are;

  • $ATOM
  • $CMST

The selection of $ATOM is to aid the addition of utility to the token which then expands the use in the ecosystem.

CMST is a collateralized stablecoin ready to be launched on the Comdex blockchain. As the release of $CMST is under preparation, a platform that will enable minting of $CMST by the users is Harbor Protocol, this is part of the Comdex ecosystem.

The Harbor protocol will be powered by a $HARBOR token, a native cosmos-based coin of the protocol. This token has primary two functions;

  • Governance: As $HARBOR holders, voting on decisions that affect the protocol is made possible.
  • Recapitalization: The protocol auctions $HARBOR for $CMST in case of system insolvency.

There is more to learn about CMST and HARBOR, you can follow the information about $CMST collateralized stablecoin by visiting Composite Twitter Account.

Don't forget, $CMDX (utility token for Comdex) has a role to plan in the Commodo ecosystem. When dealing with the voting of proposals under governance, $CMDX is needed. A community member or any individual that wants to participate in the Commodo proposal for approval must stake $CMDX before engaging in any voting engagement.

Action Point

Understanding a platform start with a visit to the baseline or a pillar that holds such a project/platform. Commodo is a platform built on the Comdex chain, take a look at the entire Comdex platform by visiting its website and as the whole Cosmos ecosystem is waiting for the launch of the Commodo lending/borrowing platform, you can follow the project's Twitter account for latest information.

Tips About Multiplying Your $CMDX

Staking is one of the key features in DeFi and with $CMDX token, you can stake your holding on four staking platforms and start generating passive income daily.

Check out any of these platforms and leverage on them.

Official Links

Comdex Website | Commodo Twitter | Comdex Doc | Comdex LitePaper2

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After witnessing the Terraform Labs debacle and implosion of UST to 0 and LUNA as well, I wonder, what lessons has Comdex taken from that lending failure, as well as the current meltdown and incoming bankruptcy of Celsius? Crypto Lending seems to be a very dirty game, just like in TradFi, the difference being that there's little oversight of any of these "wildcat" crypto banks that have fueled the most recent bubble and subsequent fundraising in the past year.

I've seen Shade Protocol is promoting its $SILK decentralized basket-of-fiat-and-BTC-and-gold peg to stabilize its purchasing power. I'm curious to see how $SILK actually works in practice, and whether it can hold up to attacks that have ripped apart hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of seconds.

What happened with UST could have been easily predicted, as its 20% APR wasn't solid and Anchor Protocol was not lending out more than 20% of deposits. It was pumped with peoples' work income and cash savings, and then vaporized it all.

Maybe it's just a hesitancy to get behind more lending protocols or related DApps, because so many have not held up under attack.

Will be curious to see how Comdex does going forward, I think it can definitely provide that aspect of a currency, in regards to lending, but I do wonder about staying power.

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Comdex always said to adopt over-collateralize stablecoin rather than going for algorithimic stablecoin.

Our mechanism is totally different to that of UST and we have a defense mechanism kept in place to defend us from getting depegged.

Talking about the lending & borrowing, so in that case, we are following the mechanism of isolated pool that is the most secure was of making pools on a lending/borrowing platform.


I see. Yeah, just watching the UST/LUNA collapse, then the attacks on Tether, and now Justin's USDD, just gives me pause when looking at any new "stabelcoins" but I will reserve judgment til there is a track record to analyze

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