KADENA: An Unlimited Scalability Blockchain

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Digital technology has revolutionized our lifestyles and economy but few have a clear understanding of the drivers behind this technology.
Let's look at the unlimited scalability that reveals the future of digital value through Kadera Blockchain a hybrid platform..



Kadena's blockchain allows enterprises across industries to efficacious transact and share data in a decentralized manner. It also aims at solving the challenges with current generation blockchains problems like speed, scalability, and security.
When considering KADENA protocol, it is sub-divided into three-part which are:

Public Protocol/Blockchain:

This is chainweb. The public protocol focuses on the improvement of the first digital asset (Bitcoin) blockchain to solve the scalability issue while utilizes the Proof of Work protocol and maintaining the security and integrity found in Bitcoin. Kadena able to achieve this through multiple connections with different Bitcoin-like chains.

Private Protocol/Blockchain:

This is known as Kuro permissioned network. This network was built to attend and clear the strict requirements and business workflows that secure a $100 billion order book. The team around these are strong as they are a team from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Kuro is set to deliver scalability and usability beyond any protocol/blockchain that is private.
However, Kuro Protocol has been tested with a result of scaling through thousands of nodes to achieve up to 8,000 TPS. the transaction per second increased in 2020 to 480,000 TPS after Kuro permissioned protocol was made Open-Source.

Smart Contracts:

Here the protocol uses pact smart contract language that serves as a bridge to connect the Kadena ecosystem together, and it is the most powerful tool for creating applications on a blockchain. The important aspect of this smart contract is the readable aspect which gives non-developers an understanding of the language and tested in production applications.

In 2020, Kadena has achieved a lot following the Roadmap documentation released on their medium account and user, enterprise and developer experience are the three connections that Kadena provides solutions and many have started engaging with the interoperability network that focuses on the multi-chain network.
In the subsequent publication, I will reveal how to take advantage of the Kadena blockchain as an individual, organization, and as developer.
I welcome you to the world of Kadena Blockchain.

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