Así fue mi primera experiencia en Blockchain

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hola amigos, espero se encuentren geniales, en este video les

Hive Ecosystem Infographic - Looking for Feedback from the Community - Part 2

Hey Hivers, We thank everyone for the great feedback on the Hive Ecosystem Infographic. @Enriqu

Introducing CUB Kingdoms | Cross-Platform Autocompounding Yield Vaults

Cub started out as a fork of the popular GooseDeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain. Goose was one of the first yield applications to…

El Salvador makes bitcoin legal tender. My first impression

El Salvador is a country that has been controversial in recent times I learned more details about its current president Nayib B

4 factors I love about Hive / 4 factores que me encantan de Hive [SPA/ENG]

I love Hive for being a social blockchain, which allows us to do a lot of actions that can be beneficial bo

Sorpréndete caída de las criptomonedas / Surprise cryptocurrency price drop

Hola amigos Hivers, tiempo sin escribir en mi blog. He tomado algunos compromisos en blockchain que me tienen algo ocupada, pero no podía…


Hola amigos bienvenidos a este post que tenía tan pendiente hace días para hablarles de la Master Class que realicé para conversar sobre…

Elon Musk lo volvió a hacer / Elon Musk did it again

Elon tiene meses muy activo conversando sobre diferentes criptomonedas, especialmente Bitcoin y Dogecoin, su popularidad ha alcanzado otro…

Master Class: Frontends y Dapps de Hive ⏰ 3pm (Vzla) - 2pm (Mex) [ESP/ENG] || Adopt a Plankton.

Ven a aprender Hive desde 0 ![

Master Class : What is Hive? & Account Security with @eddiespino Today ⏰ 2pm (Mex) - 3pm (Vzla) [ESP/ENG] || Adopt a Plankton.

Ven a aprender Hive desde 0

Ethereun's performance over the last few days has been surprising | ESP/ENG|

The ethereum which is the blockchain created by Vitalik Buterin has had a lot of boom in recent days, in the last visit I had from the…

My experience learning more about SPK NETWORK / Mi experiencia conociendo más sobre SPK NETWORK

Hola amigos Hivers, espero se encuentren geniales,

Adopt a Plankton 2.0: Master Class For New Users [ESP/ENG] || Initiative

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Your work is not always your passion / No siempre tu trabajo es tu pasión

Much is often said about discover your purpose, discover your passion, some experts point out that without experimentation it is very…

3 tips to have a productive week |ENG/EN/ESP|

Hello, friends Hivers / Hola amigos Hivers! Today I want to share with you 3 tips that have worked for me lately to get more out of my…

Ethereum reaches another all-time high

Ethereum the cryptocurrency that ranks second among the coins with the largest capitalization broke

We went from having little information to having a lot of information / Pasamos de tener poca información a tener mucha información

Do you remember those times when information spread slowly? I remember it in terms of music, in the town where I spent most of my…

Ideas need to be visualized before they are executed / Las ideas necesitan ser visualizadas antes de ejecutarlas

Executing is one of the activities that may seem very complicated and it really is on many occasions, however when we try to execute an…

¿Qué es Yeald farming o Cultivo de rendimiento ? / What is Yeald farming? |ESP/ENG|

En el contexto de comprender mejor el ecosistema cripto y facilitarlo para quienes me leen y no son expertos, desde hace un tiempo he…

El mercado está dominado por osos / The market is dominated by bears | ESP-ENG |

In recent days we have seen how the cryptocurrency market has been behaving seeing red numbers everywhere, this bearish behavior is…