How to Buy PolyCub - Tutorial

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Whale Games: Hiding Value Underwater

This is actually a concept that I didn't really even know existed until I experienced it myself. It's honestly a pretty weird one that you…

Summary & Winners Of The Hive-Naija Weekend Engagement #24 "Crypto Market"

"History teaches us that unity is strength and cautions us to submerge and overcome our differences in the quest for common goals, to…

How To Make Easy Money On Leo Finance?

100 LEO Weekly Giveaway Do you know you can make easy money on Leo Finance by making cool comments? Beat Khal (@khaleelkazi) in the…

Hive-naija Weekend Engagement #24 - "The Crypto Market"

***"One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help peopl

A new member has stolen the spotlight from Telsa from being the second biggest corporate holder of Crypto

Still, in the bearish period, large corporations are making business moves which are done behind closed doors but thanks to crypto-related…

The Central African Republic accepts Bitcoin as a Legal Tender

With the downward movement and bearish market, the big boy bitcoin has brought to us, we still believe that one day it will take us to the…

Do Whales Suffer From a Bearish Market Or are They the Ones Responsible For it?

Hello Everyone, Recently, it is no longer news that we crypto writers, holders, traders and even developers are all facing a nasty…

Did you know that Aliko Dangote Recently Became the 67th Richest Man in the world?

Being a Nigerian from Africa, the name Aliko or Dangote is not new or even strange. With his wealth and business mindset, he has grown to…

Did you know Binance was an accomplice in Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover?

Hello Everyone, It's been a couple of days since Elon Musk became the new owner of the popular bird app. His acquisition of the bird app…

Did you Know that The Simpsons Family Predicted A Pump in the Price of Shiba Inu?

The longest American Sitcom known as The Simpsons is well renowned for its ability to predict what will happen way before it happens in…

5 Hive Questions With Samostically Season 2, Ep.2: Guest - Starkerz

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LARYNX MINER TOKEN: Have you claimed for the Month of May?

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The Irony of Saving

The word "saving" should not be a new word or even a strange word to a person that is looking for more money or trying to get something…

Will You Still Invest In Meta Even If It Gets 7 To 10 Years Until You Gain Returns?

"No, I think I'd rather go x1000 on Bitcoin and then buy the thing 10 years later" • @edicted In a recent article from Yahoo…

Will blocking the Crypto Accounts of Russians stop the War?

Hello everyone, It's sad to say that the Russian - Ukraine War is still ongoing even after three months of pleads and sanctions from…

Leofinance Mobile App Review: Why I've Started Using the App Again

LeoFinance is one of the best communities on Hive. It is one community where you can learn new things every day. With the crypto space…

Why is Hive Still In The Dark? | My Opinion on Marketing Hive

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HBD: The Stablecoin For Online Betting Site

The appeal of the Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) is spreading. It is something we overlook but this has characteristics that will cause…

Creating Content on the Blockchain Part 4 -- HP Groupings / Build a Following / Content / Posting