Did you Know that The Simpsons Family Predicted A Pump in the Price of Shiba Inu?

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The longest American Sitcom known as The Simpsons is well renowned for its ability to predict what will happen way before it happens in the real world. Some events they have predicted to happen are the Black Lives Matter protest, the appointment of Donald Trump as America's President and others. It is more like the writers of the sitcom are spiritually endowed with the ability to see the future. But to me, I just think it's a simple analysis of what's going on currently in the world and using that data or information to predict what will happen next. It's like knowing two individuals who argue on a daily bases about the slightest thing, so it is no magic to predict an event that one day they will get into a tough fight.


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The recent prediction from the Simpsons sitcom which has been in the limelight of the cryptocurrency space is the prediction of a pump in the price of Shiba Inu, which I would say is an indirect advertisement of the coin. The sitcom created by Matt Groening talked more about cryptocurrency in its 13th episode of season 31 titled "FrinkCoin". The episode begins with The Simpsons family having dinner in a vegan restaurant just to please their daughter, who happens to be working on her homework titled her favourite person. Mr and Mrs Simpsons begin to pamper their daughter by giving her whatever she wants in order to become the favourite person she writes about in her homework. But has faith will have it, BOM!!! Both parents were denied the opportunity rather their daughter Lisa chooses Professor Frink from Springfield University because he has dedicated his life to science.

The discussion about cryptocurrency begins when Lisa asks the professor what is he currently working on. His reply was I'm working on my cryptocurrency called FrinkCoin. Lisa's reaction to the word cryptocurrency showed that she knew nothing about it, and then the professor played a funny video that explains the concept behind crypto. The video helped in explaining how crypto works, what it is and how it's been stored in a ledger called the distributed ledger, which when it's filled up, it's later stored up to the blockchain. I must say the video is quite informative with its simplistic way of explaining cryptography.
Professor Franklin's coin called FrinkCoin goes on to be something huge in Springfield, thereby making him the newest billionaire. Sounds interesting and familiar right? It's similar to the story of the brains behind the coin Shiba Inu.

But the juicy part of the whole episode is when Professor Frank becomes the richest man in the city which made the previous richest man of the city eager to gain his spot back by developing a coin of his own. So Mr Burns decides to make a coin of his own called Burn but his developers realize that there is a need for a solution for an equation which will devalue the price of all crypto coins.


In conclusion...

The Simpsons referred to Shiba Inu through many illustrations, first with the equation on the board which had various crypto symbols and second through the newspaper Professor Frink showed Lisa. This is not the first time The Simpsons are predicting something huge and this prediction in this episode came to realization with the pump in the price of Shiba.

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Image from Pixabay, gifs via tenor.

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oh lovely babydoge


To me Shiba Inu is build around hype to real use case. Even if it raise it will crash in a crazy way. Before invest in the project kindly do your research and have a good plan.

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I am not even surprised, the Simpsons are way ahead of us.
If I believed in conspiracy I would’ve gone to stack up Shiba right now lol


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Gotta love the Simpsons!!! They get away with a lot on tv, it's pretty amazing actually.

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