LARYNX MINER TOKEN: Have you claimed for the Month of May?

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Hello Everyone,

I made a video in which I showed how I claim my monthly larynx miner token.


With @spknetwork building a way of incentivising content creators, my love for the network has grown. I usually claim my tokens on the first day of the month, but this time I forgot. I made this post so you don't forget :)

Do you know that if you have an extra Larynx miner token, you can power it up and earn some Dex fees?

Check this post by @hiro-hive

Yay! "5 Hive Questions with samostically" continues this Thursday and I'd be bringing the co-creator of the Spk Network @starkerz on the show!

Stay tuned and thanks for your support. Have a lovely week. Xx.

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Thanks for the reminder. I completely forgot!!!

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Me too. It happens sometimes :)

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Thanks posh!


Yes, I have claimed mine. Not doing anything with them yet but it's free stuff so I'll collect

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Hahaha... Pile it up first! :)



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How do I get the link to register