Splinterlands VS Psyber-X 'Celebrity Death-Match': DJINN OSHANNUS Vs JAMAL '"THE Mercenary"

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Jamal's parents were killed when she was seven years old by the invaders. She then vowed to avenge her parent's death.
She took over her dad's laboratory in a nearby town and started practicing how to create potions and grenades. She intends to create a weapon that can cause mass destruction.

Her Guide was his Father Literature. She was able to create a potion that makes one invisible over some time, and also a grenade launcher that can cause mass destruction.
The grenade launcher was set. A the type of mass destruction weapon she intends to use for revenge or for any kind of robbery in cyberpunk city and sell her creations to underworld in auctions. 2.PNG Source



Invincibility Potion

Weapon of mass destruction ( A Grenade Launcher)

She can read the shooter's health bar. When the shooter's health bar is below 50%, the shooter won't be able to receive the grenade launcher because she wouldn't want the weapon to get into the enemy's hands. The shooter is only offered the costly potion or he goes back and fights his way to the portal.

3.PNG source

Dresses like a delivery woman to avoid drawing attention to herself. Her helmet protects her from stray bullets in addition to the bulletproof vest she wears inside.

psyberx1.PNG Source


Djinn.PNG Source lore.PNG Source

LORE- Dawn of the Djinn 3 of 4 - The Djinn are angry at the way they were tricked by the Planet, but also appreciative that they can now enjoy this limited freedom, each trapped by natural forces. The Djinn possess powerful ancient magic of their own, which is now charged into the force of one element for each of them. The ancient demons of war are an awkward bunch to be chosen as a planetary defensive force, but they are also impressively capable of the job. As long as they are bound by the Planet, they will do its bidding. Whatever their would-be choices and allegiances, they will fight against the Chaos Legion to protect the sixth mana gate.


Powerful Magic Attack

Less damage from Bigger attack only one life damage: Force Field

Reduce damage from Magic attack



The information of cyber surge was hidden in the deep ocean sea of ALASKA and it is deadly to collect from the Monster who guard the asset. He came from another planet accidentally and the lore is known what is best for him.

JAMAL was confident as its invisible power and grenade that she can travel kill anything which comes in her way by his powerful tools and tactics he can hide by the monster and even kill him by its grenade weapons. But the lore is also well equipped with magic attack and good in health. I is not easy that he can be destroy by only one two grenade.

A jamal taken a dive find the asset by detector and reached where the asset was hidden and now OSHANNUS was in front of him.

He has given warning message to her anyone who came from anywhere , If it will cross the distance of 50 meter nearby. He has to face his magical powers.

Jamal became invisible and try to stole the asset once he touch it immediate magic attack happen to him and his suit is destroyed which make him invisible. In the next magic attack he killed her and there is no chance for her to escape.

Her death and her body was burned in fire and ashes was eaten by small fishes. No one remember Jamal afer that few day. OSHANNUS is not just strong he is Legend.

No one can mess with him under water fight.

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