Where is Leo heading ?

My investments in Leo is down by more than 60% When LeoFinance started, it was early opportunity and for some reason, I was not part…

Ventured to the Man Cave Project - the brofi defi project

Delegated assets worth more than 7.5k to BroFi - looking forward to more defi projects on hive I always had a wish to acquire good…

GLOBAL ODIA ଅନ୍ତାକ୍ଷରୀ - A global odia musical program connecting people from across the globe

Our global community Abhinna Odisha's virtual musical was first of its kind Sometimes back, I had posted about our global community…
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![]( ( becomes First U.S. Insurer to Accept Cryptocurrency for Premium ...

UFCIC ( becomes First U.S. Insurer to Accept Cryptocurrency for Premium Payments #leofinance #crypto Posted via D.Buzz

Hot Jobs in my company - Anyone interested ?

Anyone looking for a job and want to join my company ? This is the first time I am sharing something related to jobs to the HIVE…

#MyCOVIDStory Initiative - The making of Abhinna Odisha (ଅଭିନ୍ନ ଓଡିଶା )

Covid-19 has inspired us to build a global community for our Motherland Odisha, to connect the dots and reunite to spread good vibes…

1.8k views on my HIVE post in my company

Let's market hive ourselves We all have been expecting HIVE to be one of the top most currencies but I think, to get there, we will…

[Update] Donations for Mr. Danilo - More than $400 raised and we keep going

***[GoFundMe Campaign](

Hive certified pizza got smaller because of market price 🤑

Pizza backed by HBD was affected by HBD price Recently there was a great [contest](

If you don't see value in my long term dedication to HIVE or don't understand how community driven Twitter shilling bring Hive Network growth, I only have 8 days to try to convince you.

This may well be my last Hive content. Thank you. Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

COVID 19 has positive impact on crypto trading in India - Enlist HIVE / LEO on Coinswitch

HIVE / Leo on Coinswitch can provide living to many in India This morning, my daughter was watching TV in my room, and I was busy…

CUB DEFI from My experience

33 Moms have delivered the first CUB in just 1 week 😀 I was reluctant to join into the Defi world because even after going through…

Today is the Last date for linking PAN with Aadhaar

As per CBDT (Centre Board of Direct Taxes) directives, it is mandatory for all Permanent Account Number (PAN) card holders to link their…

HIVE is about to pay my house rent only from my curation rewards

I believed , I invested and here we are on HIVE's first birthday One year passed and we are celebrating first birthday of hive and on…

Tired of this error while posting to Leofinance

Tried every other node under settings but none helps. Could it be because its being blocked in firewall ? Error: 500: 500 Internal…

Can someone tell me, why I am getting this when I try to write in LeoFinance

LeoFinance - 500 Internal Server Error - what causes it ? I have been getting this consistently when trying to load an image in…

Jack Dorsey's first tweet is now worth $294444 😃

Did you know, you could sell your tweets as NFT ? src Definitely I did not know and this tweet came in

ACI Worldwide and IRS Offer New Tax Payment Options for Taxpayers using a digital barcode

We are the first and only provider to make cash transactions possible for taxpayers through new digital barcode feature You can read…

Can't India make its own Telsa ?

I wish India make its own Telsa (Tata Elisa) which would be affordable for Indians src How a

Coinbase sent a copy of its public filing to Satoshi Nakamoto in a symbolic gesture

But it also fears about Satoshi's revelation and regulation src Coinbase filed for