Beat Down of the Day: Need More Power!!

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Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 12-4-21

Hi All, today I was bless with the Neutral quest, which meant I could use any team I wanted to as long as they don't include a Neutral…

Battle of the Day : Flying Magic Death

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First Battle and win with my new purchased card!!

Armorsmith is a card that had ruined my day many times in the past, from now on is in my deck and it will help me to ruin the day of…

Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 12-3-21

Hi All, Happy fourth day of the new season! todays daily quest was pretty easy, I been blessed with a snipe quest! I absolutely

Battle of the Day : 1 VS. 3 Torhilo the Champion

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Beat Down of the Day: Oshannus got mobbed

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Daily rewards quest on splinterlands 12-1-21

Hi All, Today’s daily reward Quest was a Snipe quest which is relatively easy as you can use multiple splinters as long as you include on

Season End Rewards 11-30-21

Hi All, I was slow to open my season rewards, to be honest I was hoping the later I opened my chest the better the rewards would be

NEW Pickups On Splinterlands/ Birthday Gifts Actually

well if you didn't know by reading the title of this post now you know, today I hit level 30 in life. not only was I blessed with another…

Battle of the Day: Brilliant Bull

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5th Season of Splinterlands

Can't Believe This Is My 5th Season of Splinterlands This season I earned 18 loot chests due to pulling most of my rentals back and…

Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 11-30-21

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Battle of the day: luck and shield

Hi All, Today’s battle of the day was a close battle, but I was able to bring home the W with the help of gloridax guardian! It was a wel

Battle Of The Day (29-11-21)

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Friends, first of all I would like to say, I have opened a new account in Splinterlands to pl

My Favorite Death team against Earth

You are like a coach who puts the line-up in the match and then waits for it. You cannot make substitutions, so you have to think…

Omg got a rear card of my daily Quest battling -VENARI WAVESMITH

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Omg got a rear card of my daily Quest battling Hello my splinter lovers Hello guys

Daily rewards quest on splinterlands 11-29-21

Hi All, Today’s daily rewards quest was pretty easy I was lucky to get another death Quest, which means I only had to win five battles wi

Daily Quest - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with Sniper I'm a little behind on Daily

I Am Become Death, Episode 3 - Splinterlands

The Healer Killers Death Splinter monsters being bros Grim Reaper and Undead Archer on their way to deliver some friendly…