RE: My Favourite Crypto Coin WAX

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I love the WAX block too (as well as LEO / HIVE!). It appeals to all my geekiness.

I love playing Alien Worlds - and working out whether to stake (and get more CPU, etc) or whether to save and buy better cards.

I love Atomic Hub - so easy to use. I'm in the middle of creating an NFT collection - I'll post more when it's done.

Alcor Exchange is easy for newbies, but also for traders.

Wax Bloks provides a bit more techy knowledge and learning about the blockchain and how it works. A nice visual GUI, and I like how you can use "setbag" and other commands for Alien Worlds in Wax Bloks.

So for me it has a lot of facets that are fun to mess around with.

I'm glad it's easy for newbies to sign up, but I would always be cautious about having too much crypto in an account that is linked to social media as I don't think it's secure. Sure, it fine for small amounts - but then keep your larger amounts safe in a bespoke wallet.

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