And Bitcoin Finishes 2020 at 29K! I lost the prop bet with the rest of the roundtable crew

21 days ago
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What a run it has been the past couple weeks for bitcoin! Me, @NealMcSpadden, @Khaleelkazi and @RollandThomas all made a prop bet on the last roundtable on where bitcoin would end.

The conservative cat thought there would be some consolidation during the holiday week and went with 23,400. Well, bitcoin took off the next day and pushed another 5K since that call. So clearly I lost.

I honestly can't remember who picked 29K or if someone said 30K, but I know the higher prices were either Rolland or Neal.

Where to Next for BTC?


Honestly, looking at this daily chart I would expect we will see consolidation or atleast a small selloff as price has pulled away from the 10 day moving average quick a bit.

The 10 day has been a great gauge over the past month and we mind as well play the trend until it breaks.

I'd rather see price let the 10 day catch up before pushing through 30K, but we shall see.

All I know is last time we got a huge runup into a new year (2017 into 2018) things got sold off hard not long after. It is a very different market now and institutional money is now the game so volatility will likely be toned down relative to those times, but who knows in the end.

Happy Crypto New Year All!!!

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