Another Opportunity to Spread the Cub Finance Word on Twitter! LEO's UNITE!!!

22 days ago
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All right my leo ladies and gents. @privatechad_ on twitter is asking for a favorite BSC coin that hasn't pumped 200% in the last two weeks. Well we better let him know fast because it is only a matter of time before CUB has pumped that 200%!!!

Here is the link to the tweet, drop your comment and let him know about CUB!


My 2 Cents....

The Cat has dropped in his two cents, I know you guys can do a much better job getting the word out and than me, let's see it!

LEOs Unite!

Drop a pic of your reply to his tweet in the comments,

12 hours from now, I will randomly hit a comment with a 100% upvote from my and my trail. And do my best to show a little love on the rest!

After 12 hours, I make no promises ;-)

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