BEPSWAP Pooling: All it took was a cellphone, laptop and some QR codes

8 days ago
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There has been plenty of chatter about DeFi pooling of late and though I looked into pancake swap and others my main goal was to pool some of my RUNE with USDT.

To do that you have to figure out BEPSWAP and for that I could not figure out how to connect metamask or it it could even be used (which I'm thinking it can't since it is BEP2)

Thus, trust wallet it is. I had the mobile Trust wallet and apparently BEPSWAP gives you a QR code you can scan with your Trust wallet to connect it.

Now that I am connected I don't have a screenshot to share, but just know this. If you want to use BEPSWAP, from my experience just now you will need a cellphone with mobile wallet and a laptop to have BEPSWAP up on your browser.

Love some easy directions....

As opposed to me giving you some chopped up instructions with missing screenshots, I'll do you one better!

The trust wallet community did a great job with this document! It is what got me from start to the pooling finish line.

In their example they use TWT (rightfully so) but I just selected USDT when swapping and pooling.

My little test transaction...

Each time you do a transaction such as the below, when you drag right to execute the transaction you then need to go into your Trust wallet (mobile wallet) and in setting, hit wallet connections and approve the transaction. Similar to how you have to sign transaction when using metamask.


Make sure you have a little BNB in your Trust wallet (or whatever BEP2 wallet you use) as you need it for the tx fee, it also charged me 1 rune which I thought steep, but if its a flat fee won't be bad on my actual transaction. We shall see.

End result of my test transaction...


Big money haha.....

As you can see my little test transaction is now showing what I have pooled. You find this by clicking on the link to view, the below screen pops up when you click your wallet in the BEPSWAP browser.


Even a scaredy cat can do it!

It took me a minute to get it all figured out, but I got there. So can you!

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