Bitcoin: Buy the F'n Dip???

6 months ago
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Pullbacks after explosive moves are always expected. The real hard part of actively investing is gauging the strength of an asset and if it is in a "buy the fucking dip" mode.

Bitcoin pulled back hard today and has already bounced intraday. So the question is - do we buy the fucking dip?

Breather or Breakdown


My opinion, and that is all it is. This is a breather and a buyable dip. Price nearly pulled back to the 10 day moving average working off the overbought condition and still remains strong. In fact any price above 14,200 is still very bullish and we'd need to see a price close below 13,800 before price action would lose its bullish sentiment.

It's starting to feel like the crypto market is completely out of the winter and seeing the sunshine.

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