Bitcoin Has Been The Best Financial Christmas Gift You Could Have Received the Past 8 Years!

22 days ago
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We get lost in the price movements of bitcoin and bull and bear markets, but sometimes just simply looking at price on a specific date puts it all into perspective.

What better day to look at then Christmas Day.

The gift that keeps on giving...


Even for those who bought at "the worst time" on this infographic, which would be Christmas of 2017 have still crushed it.

But boy oh boy, think about that person out there that was a crypto junkie and gave a family member bitcoin every Christmas the past 5 years. Cus you know that person exists and this has happened to many people in the world.

And there now crypto gift receiver was probably like, what is the crap you are giving me. Well, you are welcome! Cha-ching.

Wish I could say I am in that boat as giver or receiver but not the case. I did help a bunch of friends buy back in 2017 during the crypto bubble as the begged me to show them how.

Glad to see they are up nearly 100% on their investment as well now.

Merry Bitcoin Christmas!

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