Bitcoin Price May of Already Decided Where It Is Going

15 days ago
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Yesterday I posted about the first volatile large red candle bitcoin made and how the rest of this week would be interesting to see how price action played out to dictate the direction the next few weeks.

We may have gotten our answer just 24 hours later.

New Closing High After the Bounce


You can see we got back to back candles that saw an intraday dip to the 10 day moving average followed by a rally.

Earlier today I mentioned in discord that if today's candle (which closed 3 hours ago) closed above 33,700 we would likely see another all time high for price in the very near term.

The fresh daily candle is showing a little red at the moment I write this post, but price is knocking on the door of fresh new highs.

Holding and rallying off the 10 day is as bullish as can be, which I know I have mentioned before, but until we see price close under the 10 day moving average I don't even see a reason to do any profit taking at all.

That is just my opinion though ;-)

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