Everywhere I go, is another retail person asking of Doge!

20 days ago
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So this post is a bit tongue in cheek, but what an interesting day today was in communication.

Granted, I woke up a little late after a Saturday night filled with some drinks and fun. When I did wake up and looked at my phone, it was like the world had been attacked by the DOGE body snatchers!

One of us, one of us...


I had text messages from everyone to people I talk to regularly to people I have not talked to in years. In fact, some of them I didn't even know how they had my numbers.

They did remember this, you into crypto right?

"How do I buy Doge coin?"

Super bowl commercial that was not..

People really thought there was gonna be a doge super bowl commercial. At which point I would respond, I'll bet you whatever you want that there isn't.

In the end, my standard response was, if you wanna gamble and have some fun with DOGE then have at it. Who knows how high it may get pumped, but that's about all my thoughts on it.

It's been entertaining to see the FOMO, maybe it will press price higher.

I'll be too busy riding my DOT, RUNE, LINK, BTC, ETH and most importantly WLEO!!!

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