I don't want to FOMO on RUNE, but I want to FOMO on RUNE!

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Grabbed a tiny bit of RUNE last week with some free coin I had on binance. Since then I have been waiting for coin to clear on coinbase so I could make some moves.

One of those moves was to buy more RUNE when it was at .58 USD. Well, it mooned the last few days while I was waiting and is now at 88 cents which is actually the closing high (for the binance chart at least)

To FOMO or Not to FOMO?


So now I am just sitting here deciding whether to FOMO or not.

In one case, price is established above the prior highs thus making a new range and that should be the intraday all time highs are the next target.

On the other hand, this move just ran out of gas and we could get anything from a consolidation to a outright pull back to 70, 60 or even 50 cents.

Hmmm....what to do, what to do.

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