Oh Why Oh Why Do I Book Profits in RUNE (outside of to put it into cub finance)

22 days ago
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RUNE has a catalyst right now. I mentioned it in my post a few days ago. The mainnet launch which is estimated to be this week and as we have seen with other cryptos price usually rises aggressively into these events.

Obviously past performance does not guarantee future results, but when you are already sitting in the green then mind as well take the shot.

Unfortunately, my diamond hands are only for CUB and LEO. With RUNE, they become paper.

24 Hours Ago It Looked Different...


So, let me tell you why I sold my position (and luckily bought back 1/3 of it .20 cents lower).

The daily candles on March 26th and 27th were quite bullish pushing price about $2 in two days for a sick percentage move.

Then came the candle on the 28th, a spinning top as I see it. Coupled with the low volume on the green moon candle my thought became; we may see a pullback here and revisit that previous consolidation area of 5.85.

So the cat booked his profits at 6.19 a coin (entry was 5.18) and put in orders at 6.01 (the wicks of that consolidation) and 5.85. We alteast saw 6.01 and 1/3rd of my position was re-entered.

I gotta be honest though, it wasn't just about RUNE. With the 0% deposit fee day going on Cub Finance I wanted to take advantage of that, hence the motivation to free up some funds to get the farmed without a fee.

So a piece of the funds no longer in RUNE is earning me a nice APR, not all is lost if this coin keeps mooning.

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