Please Remember That LeoFinance is for Finance/Crypto/Investing/Money/Business Related Topics

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The community continues to grow here at leofinance and that is awesome. However, lately I have seen more and more posts in the new section about things that in no way shape or form are related to finance and such associated topics.

Many of the posts are quality pieces, they are just in the wrong place. This can happen a number of ways, with a post being written on hive and the leofinance tag being used probably the most common among them.

Let's Please Stay On Topic


I really enjoy reading the plethora of quality content that comes through on this platform, but as a curator I felt compelled to mention this trend I am seeing.

One of the greatest strength of leofinance is the quality of its content relative to many other social media sites. Part of that is because it revolves around a specific niche of finance and investing related topics. Let's do our best to keep that consistent.

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