Targeting Levels to Buy Back into RUNE

19 days ago
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The RUNE trading saga continues and after booking profits at 8.70 last night (on a new trade) I think we are finally getting the pullback that at some point had to happen.

So the question is, what level to buy at? Because long-term I am super bullish on RUNE, so need to have some for that run.

To the chart we go.....


The 4 hour time frame...

Above you will see the 4 hour chart with a couple of levels identified with black horizontal lines.

The reason I went with the 4 hour is because on the daily the next real level would be $6.40 and I just don't see price going that low if the bull run is still intact for RUNE.

However, what I could see if the 10 day MA and price meeting at that 6.95 area that is identified on the 4 hour, which was a nice consolidation area and should act as good support if reached.

My more aggressive buying target is $7.70 though. I will look to re-enter there initially while having orders out lower.

Who knows, maybe I get lucky with a flash crash and get filled below 7!

Either way, that is what I personally am looking at. Ya'll invest how you like as that is your decision to make.

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