The BNB Price Action Makes Me Scared For the Crypto Market

13 days ago
1 Min Read
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Have you seen the BNB price of late? Or should I say have you watched a tesla rocket take off, cus it is basically the same thing.

To the moon....


A price move to shake you...

We've seen some aggressive moves in crypto since the bull market happened, however I don't know if we have seen the next level crazy train moonshots that BNB is making right now.

And the reason I'm not a fan is because market tops are always marked when you see euphoric prices rises like this.

Granted, this is just one on many many many coins out there, but is BNB really a top 3 market cap coin? Cus its about to be with this rise!

Interesting times indeed.

I'm still long a strong BTC, ETH, LINK, DOT, WLEO and RUNE but damn this market is interesting. A moon shot in one of my holdings is welcomed :-)

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