The Cat is Always Improving His Crafts - Event Speaker Training!

5 months ago
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Whether it real estate, crypto or my investment coaching I'm always trying to get better and improve. Thus participating in what is essentially a "train the trainer" event.

Full Day Zoom Calls, Wow!


This event runs frim 10am EDT to 8pm EDT. That is no joke and I'm spent on day 2 with day 3 still in store for Friday.

Getting my learn on

I will see this, I have gotten a ton of gems and great framework to use when it comes to speaking on podcasts, at events and when writing books. All of which I have done and hope to continue doing.

Level Up My Book Game

What I have already learned is that when it comes to books is a simple list of questions to answer as a starting point.

  • What is the book about?
  • What is the book NOT about?
  • Who is this book for?
  • Who is this book NOT for?
  • What gives me the right to write this book?

If someone doesn't have the simple answers to these questions then writing a book may not be the right move!

Anyway, back to the final stretch of learning for the night!

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