The S&P 500 Looks Bearish but is that a Bull Flag Pattern Forming?!?

5 months ago
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If I keep saying that price action looks bearish it will become true, right?

The S&P 500 looked like it wanted to roll over today and on Tuesday, but it just wouldn't do it.

Unless we get a bunch of shutdowns due to cover (a real possibility) the market is probably going to rip off the face of shorts. Myself included!

There great disconnect continues higher..

In this video I talk about the two closest price points that will dictate our next leg.

3,500 is the downside level, a break of that and we likely see more selling. Upside is the 3,580 level.

I know, tight range, but which ever one is broken I believe will dictate the next push higher or lower, atleast in the near term.

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